Sunday, April 7, 2013

Watch, Read, and Listen!

Here is my latest media love!

Watch: Oz The Great and Powerful 3D

Another cereal-box-certificate movie!
I really enjoyed this movie--it had really good 3D and visual effects and a sweet ending line from the good witch.  I didn't like how they portrayed the bad witches, though, and I would not let my kids see this, as there were too many shocking and screeching parts!

Read: Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas

I am loving this book about a New York writer who spends a year in France trying out all the bakeries! Food memoirs are my favorite genre (are they a genre?)! It is a cute, light read!

Listen: Nothing new!  
I am a slave to my 4 year old and her very distinct pop-music demands!
Here is her latest favorite song--we watch this daily:
Don't worry--we always talk about how wrong it is to steal things from laundromats :)

I am definitely in need of new music and a new FUNNY show! Please share!!



Pink Panda said...

You've seen Studio C, right? Divine Comedy on BYUtv (or roku) every Monday Night: 2nd season started last week. Also, Granite Flats is good- on BYUtv- or so I've heard (a drama not funny though). Also the band Fictionist is good- also LDS. I must be an LDS groupie!

Larissa Nelson said...

Love reading about this! Oz was pretty cool and that Paris books sound cool - maybe something we can do as rich old ladies one day (;

Larissa Nelson said...

Hmm and new funny show, hmmm yeah I am still on my past favs Parks & Rec and The Office! I always laugh out loud on those! Let me know if you hear of another good one!


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